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Tai Chi Classes

The Tai Chi form that is taught is the classical Yang long form. In addition there are a variety of Qi Gong movements associated with this form that are incorporated in classes. It generally takes a person six moths to one year to learn the form, however the objective is to become more aware of ones body through practicing the form. Recent scientific studies have verified what the ancients have witnessed and spoken of for centuries. Practicing Tai Chi Chuan has a positive effect on multiple levels, mind, body and spirit

    NEW San Francisco location!
    The West Side Art House
    540 Balboa Street (between 6th & 7th Ave)


NEW BEGINNERS - effective April 1, 2017
  • Monday @ 6-7 p.m. - Mixed Beginner Class 
  • Monday @ 7-8 p.m. - Advanced Class 
  • Monday @ 8- 9 pm - Special Class 
  • Wednesday Seniors @ 9:30 - 11 am 

  • 1 class per week is $90 per month
  • Cash or check due at 1st of the month
  • Drop in fee $25 (for beginners only)  

Parking on street, comfortable clothing and flat soles required.
The classes are ongoing and continuing with occasional breaks for holidays and vacation. on street, flat soles required, classes 
are ongoing and continual.